R.K. MARINE LTD.                   
Marine Engineers & Boatyard Operators         
HAMBLE RIVER BOATYARD                             
BRIDGE ROAD, SWANWICK,                                                               
SOUTHAMPTON. SO31 7EB                                       
TELEPHONE: 01489 583572 (Service & Boatyard)  583585 (Parts)               
FAX: 01489 583172        E MAIL: boatyard@rkmarine.co.uk



Type of Work Prohibited:
As we are a Volvo Penta Centre, we strictly prohibit any unauthorised Volvo Penta engineering work on our premises. We also strictly prohibit unauthorised anti-fouling by any contractor as we provide this service and carry this out in a safe and environmental friendly manner.

Vehicles and Parking:
A maximum of 1 vehicle is allowed on the site, which must be parked in the car park area. If your vehicle is not parked in this area we will not accept any responsibility if the vehicle is damaged by our boat moving operations.

Rubbish Disposal:
All rubbish must be removed from our site in your vehicle and disposed of by yourself. It is your responsibility to clean up your working area each day on larger jobs or when you completed your work on smaller jobs. R.K. Marine will charge for removal of your rubbish.

Health and Safety:
All contractors must follow current Health and Safety laws and regulations on our site, provide us their Health and Safety policy and provide a method statement for larger works.

Opening Hours:
Contractors can only work on site within the Boat Yard’s opening hours (08.00 to 17.00 hours). The site is not open to contractors at weekends.

Electricity is only supplied by card meters. £5.00 plus vat or £10.00 plus vat cards are available from the sales counter at our reception.

If you wish to use our water and/or hose pipes on our site prior permission must gained.
R.K. Marine charges boat cleaners and other contractors using water for financial gain.

If you wish to use our toilet facilities prior permission must gained to access our facilities.
If you are contracted by Fairline / Essex Boatyards or Solent Motor Yachts (our tenants) you must use their facilities.

Site Charges:
R.K. Marine charges all contractors who work on the site. The current charges are: Daily Pass = £15.00 per day plus vat or an Annual Fee = £100.00 per year plus vat.
Contractors contracted in by Fairline Southampton/ Essesx Boatyards or Solent Motor Yachts are exempt this charge but must comply with the site Terms and Conditions.

Right to Exclude Entry
Any non-compliance with any of these terms and conditions, then R.K. Marine reserves the right to not allow entry. R.K. Marine also has the right to not allow entry on risk or commercial conflict grounds.                                       

RKM Form: Contractors 10-11

 Head Office: R.K.Marine Hamble River Boatyard Southampton Hampshire SO31 7EB T 01489 583572 T 01489 583585